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Mediated Divorce

A Mediated Divorce is the perfect middle ground between an uncontested divorce and a litigated divorce. Mediation allows the parties an opportunity to negotiate issues that they have not agreed upon. Most commonly, the parties negotiate time-sharing of children, alimony claims and equitable distribution. Mediation is a safe space for the parties to explore creative solutions to what may seem like insurmountable disagreements. Mediation is confidential and less expensive than litigating a divorce. All issues can ordinarily be resolved within one or two mediation sessions, avoiding months of war with the other side and thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

Both parties must agree to attend mediation and agree to the Mediator. At PLG we offer family mediations in both English or Spanish and most are held via Zoom. Parties will often seek mediation prior to ever retaining an attorney in order to save time and money. Although the Mediator is not allowed to give either party any legal advice, she can lead both parties through the issues that need to be addressed and draft the Marital Settlement Agreement and the Parenting Plan (when children are involved). May is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator and very experienced in mediating divorces where the parties are unrepresented as well as represented.

Mediation is especially important for couples with children as it allows the parents to be the ones makes decisions regarding the children instead of a Judge. Mediation provides for multiple things to be negotiated in an agreement that would never be awarded by a Judge at a trial. It provides each family the time to negotiate and decide what is best for their family.

During litigation a Judge makes the ultimate decision on anything the parties are not able to agree on! At Mediation the parties are in the driver’s seat. They make the decisions that will affect their lives for years to come.

Before paying thousands of dollars in a hefty retainer to litigate your divorce case, call us at 786-623-3424 to find out if Mediation is a good fit for your case. We offer a free telephonic consultation to speak directly without Mediator, May.