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Prenuptial Postnuptial Agreements

Marriage is a very happy time in a couple’s life and at PLG we keep it this way through the entire Prenuptial/Postnuptial agreement process. Either agreement is intended to address issues such as property distribution, estate planning and alimony, in the event of a divorce. Issues regarding child support and timesharing are not addressed in these agreements but rather at the time of a divorce.

Both agreements are very case specific to the couple’s objectives, finances and future expectations. These agreements are in essence a contract between the parties which should only be done with an experienced attorney.

At PLG we ensure that the process from the time you retain us to the signing ceremony is explained in detail. We hold your hand through each step of the process while keeping it amicable and cordial with the future/current spouse.

Just like in all aspects of our practice at PLG, our goal is a peaceful and amicable experience for all parties involved.

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